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From the beginning, we aimed for innovative musicianship, impeccable recording quality, and professional packaging that best reflects the feel of each individual recording. Explore all of Whaling City Sounds’ 150 artists and find what style suits you best.

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Whaling City Sound is dependent on listeners of all types, from radio and retail, to jazz lovers and fans, and it is because of these people, collectively our audience, that we exist. Since our inception, our recordings have helped garner international recognition for our artists. 


Purchasing music on a label supports artists’ careers and exposes more artists to you. Please show your support for this label and the exceptional artists.  What it really comes down to is this – if you like the CDs and buy them, we can continue to make more of them. 

“Over the past few years we have come to truly appreciate the releases from Whaling City Sound. Whaling City has consistenly provided us with great releases that we have been happy to share with our listeners. Whaling City Sound has been a constant on our playlists, and reported on our top ten lists. Keep the music flowing!” 

Ken Irwin

Amherst, MA, WMUA