Gerry Gibbs / Songs From My Father

Songs From My Father is the much-anticipated new album from renowned musical polymath Gerry Gibbs. On his thirteenth release as a leader, drummer-percussionist-bandleader Gibbs presents a smashing double-disc masterwork featuring four iterations of his acclaimed Thrasher Dream Trio. Under his astute direction, Gibbs and his band of jazz titans pay homage to the musical legacy of Gerry’s 96-year-old father, Terry Gibbs. To honor Terry, one of the last living architects of bebop and innovators of the vibraphone, Gerry selected 18 tunes from his father’s vast discography and interpreted the timeless material through his own refined compositional lens with inventive, modern arrangements. In the throes of a global pandemic, Gibbs then went on a nationwide trek to capture recordings of himself alongside a long list of his friends and collaborators – the finest improvisors of our time. Notably, Songs From My Father features the last recorded performance of the great Chick Corea, and includes one of Chick’s tunes composed specifically for this project. With Gibbs in the drum chair, his Thrasher Dream Trios include Chick Corea and Ron Carter, Kenny Barron and Buster Williams, Patrice Rushen and Larry Goldings, and Geoff Keezer and Christian McBride. With this monumental new recording, Gerry Gibbs cements his standing as one of the most creative and forward-thinking musicians on the contemporary jazz scene.


Thrasher Dream Trio #2
disc 1 – tracks 1,5 / disc 2 – 2,6

Gerry Gibbs / drums, percussion

Chick Corea/ acoustic piano, minimoog

Ron Carter/ acoustic bass

Thrasher Dream Trio #2
disc 1 – tracks 1,5 / disc 2 – 2,6

Gerry Gibbs / drums, percussion

Kenny Barron/ acoustic piano

Buster Williams/ acoustic bass

Thrasher Dream Trio #3
disc 1 – tracks 2,8 / disc 2 – 1,5,8

Gerry Gibbs / drums, percussion

Patrice Rushen/ acoustic piano

Larry Goldings/ Hammond B3 organ

Thrasher Dream Trio #4
disc 1 – tracks 4,7 / disc 2 – 3,7,9

Gerry Gibbs / drums

Geoff Keezer/ acoustic piano

Christen McBride/ acoustic bass

TRACKS – Disk 1

TRACKS – Disk 2