Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group / Earth

WCS 120

WCS 120 

Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group


 “Earth,” from Dave Liebman and his group EXPANSIONS (Bobby Avey on piano, Matt Vashlishan on reeds, Alex Ritz on drums along with the perennial Tony Marino on bass) is the culmination of Liebman’s decades-long elements series, this being the final album in the iconic artist’s career spanning 30 years. Overall the music interprets nature’s four elements in a musical context; Water, Air, Fire and now Earth. Employing masterful compositional tactics and a rich improvisational palate refined by fifty years at the front-line of jazz, Lieb presents an intense, deeply human musical experience. Hear Dave like you never have before, emphasizing the musical element of color/texture enhanced by the use of electronics provided by EXPANSIONS members. Earth represents the saxophonist’s sonic exploration of our planet.


Dave Liebman / saxophone, flute

Matt Vashlishan / wind synth

Bobby Avery / piano

Tony Marino / bass

Alex Ritz / drums