Gerry Gibbs / Thrasher People Our People

WCS 115 

Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People

Our People


 Our People, an epic genre-defying masterwork featuring five gifted multi-instrumentalists, is the 12th album released by renowned drummer/composer Gerry Gibbs as a bandleader. The result is a magnificent sonic tapestry that pays tribute to our worlds’ many cultures and people over the course of 19 compositions. Out of this veritable supergroup of multi-instrumentalists, two are part of Gerry’s versatile Thrasher People Band. Acting as the principal soloist on the album, Alex Collins plays all keyboard parts as well as mallets, sax, and more. Gianluca Renzi performs all bass parts on this album, all string parts, background vocals, and miscellaneous percussion. Gerry engineered and mixed the album himself in addition to recording all percussion parts, creating electronic soundscapes, playing keyboards and providing some vocals. Rounding out the group are two very special guests: Mayu Saeki, who performs all woodwind parts, vocals and percussion, and Kyeshie Gibbs, who, alongside Mayu and Alex, performs the majority of the vocal parts, and tracks some additional percussion. This amalgamation of styles and influences creates a wonderfully universally significant sound that seems to transcend genre and remind the listener that we should view people of all cultures as “Our People.”


Gerry Gibbs / drums & percussion

Alex Collins / piano,guitar,saxophone

Gianluca Renzi / acoustic and electric bass
Mayu Saeki / flute

Kyeshie Gibbs / lead & background vocals