Look to the Sky – Eric Wyatt

WCS 104

Look to the Sky

Eric Wyatt

 Look to the Sky, Wyatt’s debut for Whaling City Sound and his sixth recording overall, is magnificently realized, both instrumentally and emotionally. There are musical nods to his father (“Jolley Charlie”) and mother (“Psalm for Phennie”), to Coltrane (“My Favorite Things”) and a few other intimate touchpoints, some original, a few written by his accompanist, Benito Gonzalez. Indeed, Wyatt is joined here by excellent progressive musicians, including the resounding pianist Gonzalez, drummers Shinnosuke Takahashi and Kyle Pool, Eric Wheeler on bass and Keyon Harrold on trumpet. Together, their music is filled with hope and dedication, reciprocity and passion. With every recording, Wyatt flourishes, in terms of artistry and intensity, power and finesse. Look to the Sky is the man’s—and his band’s—finest and fullest record yet.


Eric Wyatt – tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, vocal

Benito Gonzalez – piano

Keyan Harrold – trumpet

Eric Wheeler – bass

Shinnosuke Takahashi – drums

Kyle Poole – drums 4,5,6

Andrea Miller – vocal 3