Breathe / Steve Langone Trio

WCS 096 


Steve Langone Trio

 To the wider world of jazz world, drummer Steve Langone’s name may be an unfamiliar one. But like anything that is worthwhile but unexpected it will come as more than just a pleasant surprise. The Boston area musician has a resume that will take some time to get through, one that places him in the company of a long list of luminaries, including Claudio Roditi, Howard Alden, Anat Cohen and dozens more.

So it comes as an additional surprise that Langone has taken some time to drum up another recording, his fourth, as bandleader. Breathe might be the artist exhorting himself to hit the pause button between sessions, long enough to draw a little attention to his own work, which happens to be stellar. Joined by Kevin Harris and Dave Zinno, Langone’s trio is sublime, really tasty, as they tackle an exhilarating repertoire spanning Dylan, Shearing, Louis Armstrong and a few originals. Taken as a piece, it’s great stuff, played with panache, beautifully arranged and shot through with class


Steve Langone- drums

Dave Zinno – bass

Kevin Harris – piano