Forever Young / Reggie Young

 The complex vertical harmonic structures of Coleman Hawkins or the supple, flowing, melodic lines of Lester Young? Hendrix’s blinding note clusters or B.B. King’s economy? Early on, Reggie Young figured it out. He’ll blow you away but with deceptively simple, elegant phrases. You almost miss the painstaking craftsmanship because now it seems as if no other notes could be there. A perfectionist to the core, Reggie doesn’t want any of his solos back. He knows they either complement the record or make it, and he’s pretty sure he can’t improve on them. With that degree of accomplishment, you’d think he’d want his name on the records, “…featuring Reggie Young on guitar”, but not so. Those who needed to know it was him, knew. Inside the small circle of recording studios and even smaller circle of fans who feasted on album credits, his first name alone became shorthand for a style. Spare. Soulful. Economical. Lyrical.


Reggie Young- guitar