Color Tones – John Stein

WCS 089 

Color Tones

John Stein

 Acclaimed guitarist John Stein expands his already impressive sonic palette on this new recording, Color Tones. The album, created with his ever intriguing core rhythm section—masterful drummer Zé Eduardo Nazario and renowned bassist John Lockwood—also adds the voices of two mature and unique soloists, Fernando Brandão on flutes and Phil Grenadier on trumpets and mutes. Songs like the concise “Neck Road” provide an example of how this collective functions, featuring all five instrumentalists intertwining in spontaneous interplay: the musical conversation is respectful, energetic, and bristling. All of Stein’s accompanists here expertly carve out their territory. Stein is a generous bandleader. Every musician is featured extensively, and they complement each other tastily, adding their personal expression to the overall fabric.


John Stein- guitar

Phil Grenadier – trumpet, flugelhorn, bass flute

Fernando Brandão – flute,alto flute, bass flute

John Lockwood- acoustic bass

Zé Eduardo Nazario- drums