The Whole World In Her Hands / Monika Herzig

WCS 079 

The Whole World In Her Hands

Monika Herzig

 Monika Herzig is a fearless and complete jazz artist touring internationally as a pianist, bandleader, award winning author and advocate for jazz music, its genres and its players. It’s not surprising that great talent is at the center of her work. In this stunning and contemporary project, Monika showcases her artistry and those of top women band leaders and composers working in jazz today. Her intelligence and depth are audible in these songs, from unexpected and exciting originals, to re-arrangements of the traditional (“The Whole World In His Hands”) to current hits (“Royals”). Bringing together an All Star international band including the likes of guitarist Leni Stern (Germany/NYC), percussionist Mayra Casales (Cuba), flutist/ saxophonist Jane Bunnett (Canada), drummer Arianna Fanning (Indian-American), bassist Jennifer Vincent (USA), trombonist Reut Regev (Israel), flutist Jamie Baum (USA/NYC), alto saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin (USA/NYC) and bassist Linda Oh (Malaysia/Australia) to play this panoply of music has created a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its impressive parts.


Monika Herzig – piano

Linda Oh – bass

Anna Butters – bass

Jennifer Vincent- cello, bass

Arianna Fanning – drums

Mayra Casales – percussion

Leni Stern – guitar

Jane Bunnett – soprano sax, flute

Jamie Baum- flute

Lakecia Benjamin – alto sax

Reut Regev – trombone