Whaling City Sound Waves / Various Artists

WCS 060 

Whaling City Sound Waves

Various Artists

 Whaling City Sound Waves is a compilation of select tracks for the benefit of Schwartz Center for Children, a caring organization dedicated to serving children with special needs. This fine recording features R&B artists Sarah Brooks and Graceful Soul, classical harpsichord player Paul Cienniwa, bluesman Mark T. Small, Grand Army and a variety of excellent jazz musicians including Shawn Monteiro, Joe Beck, John Abercrombie, and Gerry Gibbs. Enjoy this eclectic mix and the benefits of giving.

1. Bring It On Home to me(Sam Cooke) Sarah Brooks and Graceful Soul, Under the Bones of the Great Blue Whale

3. Lovely Ernestina(Jim Bean, composer/soloist) New Bedford Harbor Sea Chany Chorus with the Rum Soaked Crooks, Lovely Ernestina:Songs of the Sea

5. Sonata II in D Major, BWV 1028:II. [Allegro] (J.S. Bach) Audrey Cienniwa, Paul Cienniwa, Bach: Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba

9. Good Morning Little School Girl(Sonny Boy Williamson #1) Mark T. Small, Screamin' & Cryin' the Blues

11. Roman Sun(John Harrison III) John Harrison Trio, Roman Sun

13. Moby Book(Call Me Ishmael)(Steve Goodman, David Amram) Pumpkin Head Ted, The New Bedford Knockabout

15. Sunday(Miller-Cohn-Krueger-Styne) Shawn Monteiro and Clark Terry, One Special Night

2. My Funny Valentine(L.Hart,R.Rodgers) Joe Beck and John Abercrombie, Coincidence

4. Black Satin(Miles Davis) Gerry Gibbs & The Electric Thrasher Orchestra Play, The Music Of Miles Davis 1967-1975

6. Amare Kharesque Chatlo (Jenuz Duka, Awena Burgess) Balval, Le Ciel Tout Nu

8. Morning Hours (Kathleen Bubbicco) McCarthy & Legge, Tickets To The Moon

10. Finders Keepers(Steve Langone, Fernando Huergo) Steve Langone, Finders Keepers

12. Romanza(Public Domain, arr Ron Murry) Ron Murray & Vuelo, Romanza

14. Opening Remarks Shawn Monteiro and Clark Terry, One Special Night

16. Thieves In The Temple(Prince) Whaling City Sound SuperBand LIVE, A Killer Wail