Double Exposure / Frank D’Rone

WCS 056 

Double Exposure

Frank D’Rone

 Legendary Singer/Guitarist Frank D’Rone debuts on Whaling City Sound with “Double Exposure.” This CD is the culmination of a project that Conductor Phil Kelley and Frank D’Rone had planned to do for many years. Frank sounds as great as ever, and this is a long-overdue addition for those who perform and enjoy the “Great American Songbook.” Kelley has worked with a large number of singers over many years, but to Phil, this effort is special, because Frank and he know each other so well musically, which translates into this must hear gem of a recording.

The one and only Tony Bennett says about D’Rone: “He has never sung a bad song, & when you listen to D’Rone, you’re listening to the real thing.”


Frank D’Rone – vocals & guitar

Randy Halberstadt – piano

Chuck Deardorf – bass

Gary Hobbs – drums

Gerald Stockton- percussion, efx, fretlessbass

Brad Allison – trumpet

Paul Baron – trumpet

Jay Thomas – trumpet

Steve Mostevoy – trumpet

Gary Shutes – trombones

Dan Marcus – trombones

Dave Marriott – trombones

Nelson Bell – trombones

Travis Ranney – saxophone

Mark Taylor – saxophone

Alexey Nikolaev – saxophone

Jim Coile – saxophone

Jack Klitzman – saxophone