Tickets To The Moon / McCarthy & Legge

WCS 055 

Tickets To The Moon

McCarthy & Legge

 Butch McCarthy & Dori Legge debut on WCS with “Tickets to the Moon.” The pair became songwriting partners in 2009 and have been performing and recording non-stop ever since. Combining their many years of playing and writing experience, the duo found a unique synergy when they began singing and composing with one another. Their voices blend effortlessly, and their original work is thoughtful, melodic and relies heavily on lyrics and vocals. A recent reviewer wrote: “The album is sophisticated, charming, and richly melodic – a gathering of songs that carries listeners through a variety of smooth and savory experiences, but never relinquishes its easygoing spirit and warm vibes.”


Butch McCarthy – vocals, guitars, keyboards

Dori Legge – piano, vocals

Chris Richards – acoustic guitar, slide guitar on Heart Wounds

Steve Mazza – bass

JB John Borges – drums

Nikki Engstrom – violin

“Dr. D” Danny Schwartz – percussion

Don Legge- acoustic guitar on I must be Dreaming

Michael Lavoie- bass on Mother Mary and Gone Missing

Matt Antunes- drums on Mother Mary

Bonnie Breault- accordion on Tickets to the Moon and Beyond the Bend of the River

Matt Richard- piano on Morning Hours