le ciel tout nu – Balval

WCS 053 

le ciel tout nu


 Whaling City Sound once again delves into the mysterious world of gypsy music as Balval, who hail from Paris, come to our shores with their second release on the label, le ciel tout nu, or “The Naked Wind.” A multitude of musical styles are at play here, with hints of jazz, world, folk & rock marked with impeccable musicianship, and mesmerizing vocal work. In Romani, the mother tongue of the Roma and language of gypsies, the word balval means “the wind.” The name is certainly not ironic: Balval, while not a band of gypsies per se, will blow you away with its electrifying brand of red-hot Parisian gypsy music.


Awena Burgess – vocals

Rosalie Hartog – violin, vocals

Daniel Mizrahi – guitar

Benjamin Body – bass

Bachar Khalife – percussion