Toys for Chaos – Grand Army

WCS 048 

Toys for Chaos

Grand Army


 There are times when talented musicians come together and things just seem to fit; all their abilities mesh. They naturally, without forcing it, bring out the best qualities in each other. It is this way with Grand Army, a dazzling pop quintet that many in New England have come to appreciate in a huge way.

That appreciation started a few years back in the Whaling City of New Bedford, where five outsize talents, led by singer Alicia Racine commandeered the Catwalk Bar & Grille in town for a year and a half. Yeah, they were that good. During that residency, Racine, along with Jude Kingston (keyboard, electronics), Mike Jupin (bass guitar), Gregg Savage (guitar) and Adam Colucci (drums, percussion) sharpened their musical chops like knives on grindstones. The resulting keenness can be heard on their very impressive debut, Toys for Chaos.



Alicia Racine – vocals

Adam Colucci – drums, percussion

Jude Kingston – keyboards

Jupin – bass

Additional musicians

Marcus Monteiro – sax, kaos pad

Mozus – guitar

Gregg Savage – guitar

Brian Cass – electronics, guitar

Valerie Thompson – Cello

Emily Richards – Violin

Sean Farias – Upright bass