Play the Music of Miles Davis 1967-1975 / Gerry Gibbs Electric Thrasher Orchestra

WCS 047 

Play the Music of Miles Davis 1967-1975

Gerry Gibbs Electric Thrasher Orchestra

 If you’re a Miles Davis fan, and in particular, a fan of the music he played in the ’67-’75 time frame, this is a release custom tailored to you. Gerry Gibbs and his Electric Thrasher Orchestra tear through 26 selections culled from 16 live Miles Davis classic recordings. All the spontaneity, energy and improvisation of the original performances are present here. Music from Bitches Brew, Nefertiti, Sorcerer, Live Evil, Dark Magus, Big Fun, several live Fillmore recordings and others grace this 2 CD set which includes commentary from Miles’ alumni Bernie Maupin, Gary Bartz, Dave Liebman, Billy Hart, among others…

Here’s one from Airto Moreira, who played with Miles from 1970-1972

“This is something I know is a very hard task for any musician: a tribute to Miles Davis. The hardest part is to duplicate the sound and the energy of the group in which I played with Miles for 2.5 years, and it’s almost impossible to achieve. But to my surprise when I finished listening to what Gerry Gibbs created, I realized that it is very close to what we were doing at that time, which is going to make a lot of people feel good. Congratulations!” – Airto Moreira


Gerry Gibbs / all drums, quicka, vocals, balifon, wood flute

Brian Swartz / trumpets

Doug Webb / soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Rob Hardt / bass clarinet, flutes, piccolo

Andy Langham / rhodes, mini moog synthesizer

Mike Hoffmann / electric guitar

Brandon Rivas / electric bass

Essiet Okon Essiet / acoustic bass

Gabriel Herrera / vocals

Dwight Trible / spoken word, vocals

Felicia, Nelson & Chrissauna Chery / percussion, voices

Disc One

Disc Two