Encounterpoint / John Stein

WCS 042 


John Stein

 John’s seventh album, and third on Whaling City Sound, features an exciting international quartet who found themselves in the studio in the fall of 2007. The appropriately entitled “Encounterpoint” is the musical record of that session. John is joined by keyboardist Koichi Sato, legendary bassist John Lockwood and drummer ZŽ Eduardo Nazario, who combine a variety of musical styles resulting in a nine-track gem. Although from the far corners of the planet, they found common ground in the intriguing material that John gave them to play. Stein contributes four originals here. “The Roundabout” is an irresistibly earthy and joyful tune with a bluesy riff that sticks in your memory. On the other hand, “Line Drive” is wistful and songlike. “Half-Whole Blues” is a wry, adventurous line, dissonant and angular, but also swinging and hip. “Trois” is a clever and breezy jazz waltz. Jobim’s “Dindi” is a duet which features John on acoustic bass as well as guitar, along with a number of percussion tracks laid down by ZŽ Eduardo Nazario. This is an intriguing collection of tunes played by a band who found instant chemistry that is sure to please!


John Stein / guitar, acoustic bass

Koichi Sato / keyboards

John Lockwood / acoustic bass

ZŽ Eduardo Nazario / drums, percussion