Blizzard Boheme / Balval

WCS 038 

Blizzard Boheme



 Whaling City Sound stretches out into the world of gypsy folk-rock with Balval’s “Blizzard Bohème.” Balval, a youthful and fiery quartet hailing from Paris, co-opts the traditional melodies of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and swirls them with jazz, blues, rock and folk. The result is multicultural, multilingual world music that begs to be heard. Experimental overtones, with hints of Laurie Anderson, the Kronos Quartet and other adventurous artists are present here. Balval conjures up the spirit of those souls while at the same time remaining grounded in their unique neo-gypsy niche. Nothing is sacred. Everything is fair game when playing by their rules, which is basically not following any rules at all.The musical freedom is liberating. Listen and learn. Remember the name “Balval.” It means “The Wind.”


Awena Burgess/ vocals

Rosalie Hartog / violin, vocals

Daniel Mizrahi / guitar

Benjamin Body / bass

Bachar Khalife / percussion

Erika Serre / vocals