Mark T. Small / Mark T. Small

WCS 036 

Mark T. Small

Mark T. Small

 If you’re a fan of Delta blues performed in the traditional way, look no further. Mark T Small’s self-titled debut on Whaling City Sound will have you tapping your feet to the tune of eleven carefully crafted blues gems. Recorded in the manner of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Robert Johnson and Son House, both flatpicking and fingerpicking styles are employed, in this crystal clear recording of Mark playing solo on his acoustic instrument. Who would have it any other way?


Mark T. Small / acoustic & resophonic guitars, banjo


“Before Mark finished the first song, I knew that I had to book him for the Dessert Club TV show…” – Steve Toli

“Mark T. Small plays with such intensity that he knocks yesterday’s Blues all the way into next week…”- Louis Leeman

“Mark T. Small’s performances bring a noisy room to silence. He grabs your attention and doesn’t let go…”- Russ Mello