The Hear and Now / William Woods

WCS 034 

The Hear and Now

William Woods

 The promise of William Woods’ WCS debut Every Part of Me, comes to fruition with his sophomore release on the label, with “The Hear and Now,” featuring 12 new compositions written by “The Doctor” William himself. With a new cast of top-tier players, this CD has a distinct edgy, aural urban vibe surrounding it. Co-Produced by Michael Moryc and guitarist extraordinaire Denny Jiosa, the CD also features Chris Kent on bass, Derico Watson on drums and Glen Caruba on percussion. Check it out!


William Woods / piano and keyboards

Denny Jiosa / guitar

Chris Kent / electric bass

Derico Watson / drums

Glen Caruba / percussion

Alana Rocklin / acoustic bass

Jeffrey Scott Wills / saxophone