MM4 / The Marcus Monteiro Quartet

WCS 032


The Marcus Monteiro Quartet

 The debut of a local Massachusetts secret kept amongst those in the know! Marcus Monteiro has been composing, playing, and breaking musical traditions for some time. A combination of various modern styles, fusing electronic and drum ‘n’ bass sounds into a comprehensive electro-acoustic jazz ensemble. All of the artists are well versed in cross-genre music and have a deep respect for the music of Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Mu-ziq. Takes the grit of modern electronic music and combines it with the ease and fluidity of jazz giants such as Dave Holland, Brad Mehldau and Steve Coleman. Featured guitarist Jim Robitaille won First Place in the ninth annual Thelonious Monk Competition and the Great American Song Contest. He has recorded with Dave Liebman and continues to innovate with a no-fear attitude!


Marcus Monteiro / alto sax

Jim Robitaille / electric guitar

Andy McWain / keyboard

Jude Kingston / keyboard

Mike Jupin / electric bass

Sean Farias / electric bass

Pete Antunes / drums