Concerto Internacional de Jazz / John Stein

WCS 031 

Concerto Internacional de Jazz

John Stein

 John Stein’s sixth album, and WCS debut “Concerto Internacional de Jazz,” is a collaboration between the North American jazz guitarist and several Brazilian jazz musicians. Stein’s collaborators are superb instrumentalists, and perform with the highest level of musicianship. Flavored by the combined sensibilities of two distinct musical cultures, Concerto Internacional de Jazz features an unusual variety of musical textures, excellent originals and an interesting selection of standards performed with honesty, intensity and a creative flair.


“[John Stein] wrings more expression out of a melodic line than most other guitarists.”



John Stein / guitar

Frank Herzberg / bass

Zé Eduardo Nazario / drums

Alexandre Zamith / piano

Bocato / trombone

Teco Cardoso / flute, bass flute

Pedro Ito / percussion