Passing Place / Dan Moretti and Once Through

WCS  028 

Passing Place

Dan Moretti and Once Through

 Dan Moretti assembles “Once Through,” once again, for their third WCS release, “Passing Place”. Ten original compositions by Dan, along with a cover of Wayne Shorter’s “Virgo,” round out a very strong follow up to Dan’s first two releases on the label. Keyboardist Paul Nagel and percussionist Jorge Najaro add their musical expertise to the Once Through crew, as the band opens the CD with the intense “Present Tense,” then grooves through a funky “Avant Blue,” into “Monk’s Walk,” then a grooving “You Said What,” and more. An essential listening experience for those who enjoy funky original jazz.


Dan Moretti / tenor and soprano sax

Paul Nagel / keyboards

Bruce Bartlett / guitar

Marty Ballou / acoustic bass

Marty Richards / drums

Jorge Najaro / vocals