Terry Gibbs Legacy Band

Dino Govoni - Hiding in Plain Sight

WCS 134

Terry Gibbs Legacy Band

The Terry Gibbs Songbook

Experience the pure magic of The Terry Gibbs Songbook, a tribute to the unparalleled talent of legendary jazz icon Terry Gibbs as a composer. At 98 years old, Gibbs proves that age is just a number. Produced by Terry himself, and featuring lyrics from luminaries like Steve Allen, the album showcases Gibbs’ mastery of crafting catchy, beautiful tunes.

The Terry Gibbs Legacy Band, an all-star lineup of musicians, including Scott Hamilton, Harry Allen, Tom Ranier, and JazzTimes Best Male Vocalist winner Danny Bacher, brings Gibbs’ songs to life in swinging fashion. From the upbeat and lively “Let’s Go to Rio” and “Now’s the Time to Groove,” to the heartfelt and emotional ballad “Say Goodbye,” each track is a testament to Gibbs’ musical genius.

Featuring an appropriate photograph of the man himself on the cover, The Terry Gibbs Songbook is a true work of art that transcends time and generations, spanning a range of emotions and styles. With quotes from industry insiders praising Gibbs’ gift for writing melody hooks, and popular New York vocalist Danny Bacher calling the songs “truly ageless,” this album is a must-listen for any jazz enthusiast and a fitting tribute to one of the greatest vibraphonists and band leaders of all time.


Scott Hamilton/Tenor Saxophone

Harry Allen/Tenor Saxophone

Tom Ranier/Piano, Tenor Saxophone

Danny Bacher/Vocals

Mike Gurrola/Acoustic Bass

Gerry Gibbs/Drums

Terry Gibbs/2 Finger Piano, Vocals on Track 4