Our Artists

Our artists come a variety of educational, musical, and geographic backgrounds with one mission, to make the best jazz music possible. 

There’s Alot to Love

Explore these talented musicians from all walks of life and find your new favorite.

Kush Abadey

Kush Abadey


Greg Abate

Greg Abate

Saxophone, Flute

John Abercrombie

John Abercrombie


John Allmark

John Allmark

Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Cyrille Aimée

Cyrille Aimée


Rosa Avila

Rosa Avila


About Our Team

Despite our artist’s diverse backgrounds and talents, our team bonds together over our collective passion and love for jazz music. We frequently collaborate with one another and produce collections of music like no other label. 

Whaling City Sound Artists

Dave Bass

Ann Avery

Danny Bacher

Rosa Avila

Paul Baron

Jamie Baum

Chris Berger

Seamus Blake

Fernando Brandao

Bonnie Breault

Tor Bendikson

Dorian Komanoff

Sheryl Bailey

Pete Antunes

Sally Brownell

Teco Cardoso

Mayra Casales

Ken Clark

Neal Weiss, Founder of WCS

“Every muscian deserves the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and perform.”


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