WCS 112 

Calm Waters, Rolling Swells, Roiling Seas

A Whaling City Sound Compilation CD

 The Whaling City Sound label has teamed up with Destination New Bedford to offer Calm Waters, Rolling Swells and Roiling Seas, a compilation CD to showcase the cultural, culinary, artistic, historic and ethnic highlights of the city. Whaling City Sound has been releasing mostly jazz CDs over the last twenty years. This catalogue should be viewed in the context of a particularly jazz-fertile part of the world. Jazz has a deep and substantial history in New Bedford, but so do all of the arts. Calm Waters, Rolling Swells and Roiling Seas is a relaxed progression of songs selected and then sequenced to flow from mellow to funky to edgy. The opening and closing selections, “Jennifer” and “Lovely Ernestina,” are not jazz. “Jennifer” is maybe country, some R&B, jazzy at times, smooth, all beautiful, and “Lovely Ernestina” is easily classified as a Sea Chantey. In between those two end tracks are jazz played in a variety of styles. We hope you enjoy the journey, and that it will lead some of you to further explore the music of some or all of the artists who donated their efforts for this project, either online or wherever fine music is sold these days.