WCS 127-NEW!
Only Love Will Stay
Rale Micic
WCS 126-NEW!
Magic Dance
Greg Abate
WCS 125-NEW!
Cool Water
Greg Murphy
WCS 124-
Just Passing Thru
Miles Donahue
WCS 123-
Christmas Is: December Duets
Mike Renzi and Jim Porcella
WCS 122-
Space Cycles
Jim Robitaille
WCS 121-
John Stein
WCS 120-
Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group
WCS 119-
Excursions and Adventures
Tim Ray
WCS 118-
A View From Within
Jim Robitaille
WCS 117-
The Golden Rule
Eric Wyatt
WCS 116-
No Boundaries
Dave Bass
WCS 115-
Our People
Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People
WCS 114
Gratitude: Stage Door Live @ the Z
Greg Abate & The Tim Ray Trio
WCS 113
Stories Told
Dave Zinno Unisphere
WCS 112
Calm Waters, Rolling Swells, Roiling Seas
A Whaling City Sound Compilation CD
WCS 111 -
Bright Idea
Greg Murphy trio
WCS 110 -
Still Happy
Danny Bacher
WCS 109 -
Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell
Debra Mann
WCS 108 -
Telemann: Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord
Dorian Komanoff Bandy and Paul Cienniwa
WCS 107
Stage Door Live!
Dori Rubbicco with The John Harrison Quartet
WCS 106
Monika Herzig
WCS 105
Your Sound Live at Dizzy's Coca Cola
Jay Rodriguez
WCS 104
Look to the Sky
Eric Wyatt
WCS 103
Distant Song
Fred Farell
WCS 102 -NEW!
Passion Reverence Transcendence
Benito Gonzalez/Gerry Gibbs/Essiet Okan Essiet (Music of McCoy Tyner)
WCS 101
River of January
Dave Zinno Unisphere
WCS 100
Three Minutes to Four
Lewis Porter Phil Scarff Group
WCS 099
That Old Feeling
Alma Micic
WCS 098
The Bug
Miles Donahue
WCS 097
Another Part of Me
Marcus Monteiro
WCS 096
Steve Langone Trio
WCS 095
Plucky Strum
WCS 094
Forever Young
Reggie Young
WCS 093
Wood and Strings
John Stein & Dave Zinno
WCS 092 div>
92 Years Young: Jammin' at the Gibbs House
Terry Gibbs
WCS 091
Gerry Gibbs & Thrasher People
WCS 090
Road to Forever
Greg Abate with The Tim Ray Trio
WCS 089
Color Tones
John Stein
WCS 088
Expansions Live
The Dave Liebman Group
WCS 087
Inside Out
Kristen Lee Sergeant
WCS 086
Night Music
Rale Micic
WCS 085
Tim Ray Trio
WCS 084
Steven Kirby
WCS 083
Steppin' Up
Eric Hargett Trio featuring Joey DeFrancesco & Gerry Gibbs
WCS 082
Chance Meeting
WCS 081
Summer Breeze
Greg Murphy
WCS 080
Swing That Music!
Danny Bacher
WCS 079
The Whole World In Her Hands
Monika Herzig
WCS 078 -
To Grover With Love / LIVE IN JAPAN
Jason Miles
WCS 077
Kindred Spirits Live at Chan's
Greg Abate & Phil Woods with the Tim Ray Trio
WCS 076
Live in Studio
Gerry Gibbs, Ron Carter, Kenny Barron + Guests
WCS 075
The Puzzle
Expansions: Dave Liebman Group
WCS 074
Feeling Good
Joan Chamorro & Andrea Motis
WCS 073
Kind of New
Jason Miles / Ingrid Jensen
WCS 072
Plucky Strum
Harvie S / Sheryl Bailey
WCS 071 -
NYC Sessions
Dave Bass
WCS 070 -
Greg Abate Quartet
WCS 069 -
We're Back
Kenny Barron / Gerry Gibbs / Ron Carter
WCS 068 -
Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group
WCS 067 -
Ten Hand Band
WCS 066 -
John Stein & The Mingotan Project
WCS 065 -
Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio
Kenny Barron / Gerry Gibbs / Ron Carter
WCS 064 -
Dave Liebman & Michael Stephans
WCS 063 -
Love is Gonna Eat You
Grand Army
WCS 062 -
Bing BAnG boOM
John Stein
WCS 061 -
A Whaling City Christmas
Volume: 1
WCS 060 -
Whaling City Sound Waves
Various Artists
WCS 059
Harpsichord Music For A Thin Place
Paul Cienniwa
WCS 058 -
Get Me Joe Beck
Joe Beck Trio
WCS 057 -
To Carmen With Love
Shawnn Monteiro
WCS 056 -
Double Exposure
Frank D'Rone
WCS 055 -
Tickets To The Moon
McCarthy & Legge
WCS 054 -
Hi Fly
John Stein
WCS 053 -
le ciel tout nu
WCS 052 -
The New Bedford Knockabout
Pumpkin Head Ted
WCS 051 -
Turn Up The Quiet
John Stein / Ron Gill
WCS 050 -
Raising the Roof
John Stein
WCS 049 -
Golden Earrings
Joe Beck / Laura Theodore
WCS 048 -
Toys for Chaos
Grand Army
WCS 047 -
Play the Music of Miles Davis 1967-1975
Gerry Gibbs Electric Thrasher Orchestra
WCS 046 -
Johann Sebastian Bach / Sonatas for Viola da Gamba
Audrey & Paul Cienniwa
WCS 045 -
Brahms: 21 Hungarian Dances
Kantorski-Pope Duo
WCS 044 -
Mike Clinco
WCS 043 -
Screamin' & Cryin' the Blues
Mark T. Small
WCS 042 -
John Stein
WCS 041 -
Under the Bones of the Great Blue Whale
Sarah Brooks & Graceful Soul
WCS 040 -
Joe Beck & John Abercrombie
WCS 039 -
Green Street
John Stein
WCS 038 -
Blizzard Boheme
WCS 037
Joe Beck
WCS 036
Mark T. Small
Mark T. Small
WCS 035
Kristin Lomholt
WCS 034
The Hear and Now
William Woods
WCS 033
Live at Luna
Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Big Band
WCS 032
The Marcus Monteiro Quartet
WCS 031
Concerto Internacional de Jazz
John Stein
WCS 030
A New Leaf
Ramona Borthwick
WCS 029
Every Part of Me
William Woods
WCS 028
Passing Place
Dan Moretti and Once Through
WCS 027
Dancing Dogs
WCS 026
Ron Murray & Vuelo
WCS 024
Lost In Your Eyes
Ann Austin
WCS 023
Lovely Ernestina / Songs of the Sea
NB Harbor Sea Chantey Chorus and Rum Soaked Crooks
WCS 022
One Special Night
Shawnn Monteiro with Clark Terry
WCS 021
To Music
Jim Robitaille Group
WCS 020
Dreaming Out Loud
WCS 019
Dan Moretti and Once Through
WCS 018
Just Friends
Joe Beck Trio
WCS 017
The Lay of the Land
Mike Pope
WCS 016
Noble Savage
Hilary Noble
WCS 015
What is My Heart For
Sarah Brooks with Joe Beck
WCS 014
In the Library
Dino Govoni
WCS 013
Latin Genesis
WCS 012
The Edge of the Pond
Marcelle Gauvin
WCS 011
Finders Keepers
Steve Langone Group
WCS 010
Live in Biel, Switzerland
Joe Beck Quartet
WCS 009
The Line Between
WCS 008
Roman Sun
John Harrison Trio
WCS 007
Featuring Clay Osborne
John Allmark Jazz Orchestra
WCS 006
D.S. al Coda
Alon Yavnai
WCS 005
A Killer Wail
Whaling City Sound Super Band
WCS 004
Breakin' Out
Dino Govoni
WCS 003
Psychic Horns
Psychic Horns
WCS 002
Once Through
Once Through
WCS 001
Faces of Love
Marcelle Gauvin
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